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Budget feedback split – some say it’s good, others believe it’s bad

A budget for every Ipswich resident - a budget bonanza for Blair was the pitch the moment the Federal Budget was handed down last week.

Rowan Anderson Rowan Anderson

Beacon blokes set to shine a light on handyman skills

A local men’s shed is looking to pass on their skills to the community and spread the lessons they have learned.

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

$6m for Showgrounds supports disaster relief

On the back of another successful Ipswich Show, it was announced last weekend that the Showgrounds would receive a $6 million investment from the Federal Government.

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

Crisis among homeless calls for urgent community action

Ipswich faces growing homelessness crisis. Council seeks solutions, community input, and urgent actions to aid East Street dwellers.

Rowan Anderson Rowan Anderson

Innovative program showcases excellent care offered by team at Ipswich Hospital

Ipswich Hospital was on show at the annual Clinical Excellence Queensland Showcase last week, thanks to an innovative program that is leading the way in medicine.

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

Coroner unable to name killer in mystery cold case

THE 1986 disappearance of Sharron Phillips remains one of Queensland’s oldest cold cases, with a $250,000 reward still on offer for crucial information leading to a conviction.

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News


Record-breaking wave of blue to boost frontline

In a record-breaking graduation, the Queensland Police Service welcomed 137 new officers last week, the largest number of recruits in…

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

Mystery and intrigue at council meeting

TODAY’S meeting of Ipswich City Council, only the second in six weeks, will be one of mystery, intrigue and surprise…

Allan Roebuck Allan Roebuck

Antique Buyers ready with cash

THE trend of downsizing and decluttering our homes provides the perfect time to go through those drawers and cupboards and…

Renovated art gallery to blossom with three new exhibitions

The Ipswich Art Gallery is about to blossom following the completion of an upgrade that comes 25 years after its…

Disability News

Urgent need for reform to assist all travellers with a disability

AUSTRALIA’S former disability discrimination commissioner, Graeme Innes, has settled his dispute with Adelaide Airport.

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

Focus on overcoming disabilities

About 4.4 million Australians, or 18 per cent of our population, live with disability. This number is likely to rise…

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

Ripley school marks five-year anniversary

Ripley Valley State Secondary College is set to mark its five-year anniversary after being opened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

Skillful Bremer girls shoot for the stars

The girls can hoop! Members of the Bremer State High’s Basketball Academy showcased their skills in the recent Metro Finals…

Rowan Anderson Rowan Anderson

The Top End deathroll delivers another defeat

The Ipswich Force travelled to the Top End to take on the second-placed Darwin Salties and were the latest team…

Rowan Anderson Rowan Anderson

Can you handle the truth… dedicated coaches deserve your respect

When next you feel the impulse to continually shout at your kids and their coaches from the sidelines during a…

Joe Fenech Joe Fenech

Coach Kevvie knows art of uniting a team

It’s called Magic Round for a reason, and the last weekend of NRL demonstrated exactly why.

Sir Graham Lowe Sir Graham Lowe


The Good Doctor’s final season

Don't miss the emotional final season premiere of The Good Doctor as Dr. Shaun Murphy and his team face intense…

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

ADF supports remote NT community

In the wake of Tropical Cyclone Megan, the ADF responded to a request from the Northern Territory government to provide…

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

Breaking barriers in Samoan touch rugby

In an historic moment for Samoa’s touch rugby scene, the country has welcomed its first female referees and coaches, marking…

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

Country charm is always on the menu

The beer is cold, the T-bones and parmis are hot and delicious, and live music is pumping throughout the year,…

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

RBA Governor’s interest rate message is one of uncertainty

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has opted to maintain the cash rate target at 4.35 per cent, keeping the…

Suzie Tafolo Suzie Tafolo

Mortgage holders “will bear burden”

The REIQ is concerned that short-term incentives in the Federal Budget will keep interest rates up for longer, passing the…

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

It’s on the cards – cash will go

Explore the challenges seniors face with cashless transactions, internet banking, and scams, and find practical solutions.

John Wilson John Wilson

Keep track of your diet to stay fit and healthy

Let’s fact it, after a lifetime of cooking, many of us are ready to hang up our chef’s hat and…

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

Get outside and breathe in nature

TIME outside is good for our mental and physical wellbeing. It lowers our stress levels, which not only lifts our…

John Wilson John Wilson

Empowering your retirement

Retirement is more than just the transition from full-time work; it’s the start of a new chapter full of potential…

Sloan Wilkins Sloan Wilkins

Record turnout and high-speed action at Queensland Raceway

Willowbank, QLD – The iconic Queensland Raceway was buzzing with excitement as Roll Racing returned with a vengeance, a rescheduling…

David Reid David Reid

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Diversity on offer in mix of old and new

TRAVELLING to China offers a captivating journey through a land that seamlessly blends ancient traditions with modern advancements.

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

New Docs on the block

Karana Downs local Dylan Carpenter fulfills his dream as an Ipswich Hospital intern. Explore his medical journey and specialties.

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

More support needed to fight for businesses

Steve Rainbow is a proud business owner who has run Articulate Framing in Ipswich since 2011, but with each passing…

Local Ipswich News Local Ipswich News

Lets recognise the beautiful Bilby as our Aussie Easter bunny

The Bilby has bene offered as an alternative to the Easter bunny.What is the difference between the Bilby and Bandicoot?

Henricus Peters Henricus Peters